A Vegan in Liverpool

A couple of weeks ago I went Liverpool and ate SO MUCH amazing vegan food! Although I wouldn’t consider myself a junk food vegan, this post would have you fooled! There are many healthy vegan spots in Liverpool such as The Egg Café and White Wolf, but I was feeling naughty and spoilt myself with an abundance of seitan and pizza! I was absolutely gutted to have missed out on the launch of Frost Burgers by only a couple of weeks (opening 1/11/18), so I will definitely be back to try it when I can! Here’s the good stuff I ate over the course of the weekend…

The Caledonia / CVK


My favourite meal in Liverpool was from a little pub called The Caledonia, which has a fully Vegan kitchen. Their mock meats had amazing flavour and texture and their portions were HUGE (too big to finish!!) When it comes to seitan I can be very picky but I really enjoyed theirs! With the spicy wings I had the massive pizza fries! The pub is also perfectly placed within a student area and has won awards for being super dog friendly.

Down The Hatch


Down The Hatch is one of the most popular Vegan and Vegetarian restaurants in Liverpool and also has a menu filled with mock meat and deep fried goodness. I’ve been on the lookout for a good Vegan mac n cheese and theirs definitely exceeded expectations; if you go you have to try it! They also have a massive range of burgers and other sides that are great too, I loved the gravy!



Although not a Veggie or Vegan restaurant, Crust have the option to Veganize any pizza. After looking on their Instagram I had to get the black dough pizza, and had it with the Marinara topping! It may not be the most appetitising to look at, but it was defintiely Instagram worthy and tasted incredible nonetheless! My favourite thing about Crust is their extensive menu of homemade lemonades, the blackberry was my favourite (you can also add alcohol to them)! We went on a Saturday night and it was heaving – they must be doing something right!

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