Toast Ale: Sustainable Beer

This post is going to be quite different to what I normally post, however I wanted to share what I found out today about an amazing beer company, which donate 100% of their profits to environmental organisations! I came to know about the company Toast as they are launching in the bar I work in (The Alchemist). Today we had a taster session to learn about their products and try them out. There are 4 different bottled beers: Craft Lager, Sessions IPA, American Pale Ale and a Pale Ale. My favourite of the 4 is the American Pale Ale, as it is lighter and fruitier than the others, (although all are delicious). During the taster session I learned a lot about the ethics of the company, discovering that they are not dissimilar to my own!

Toast Ale

Toast is an award winning Beer Company based in Yorkshire, that brews beer using fresh, surplus bread from other companies. In an attempt to reduce food waste and produce good quality beer sustainably, Toast use unwanted bread from bakeries and sandwich makers which would otherwise be disposed of or incinerated. Although this seems like a new concept, bread has been used in the production of beer for many years. As well as reducing their own footprint on the planet, Toast also endeavour to make a positive impact on the planet:

‘We give 100% of profits to Feedback, an environmental charity campaigning to end food waste. By enjoying Toast, you’re helping to make the food system work for people and the planet, not for profit.’

As a company, their main aim is not to become the best on the planet, but be the best for the planet. To top it off, all of their products are 100% Vegan! When purchasing Toast you are helping make a positive impact on the planet whilst also supporting a local business.

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