Fettle Leeds: Review

Fettle is one of my favourite places in Leeds to eat out, and perhaps even my all time favourite omni café/ restaurant. From the interesting selection of ingredients used in the food and drink, to the warm homely welcome, it is an all-round enjoyable visit every time. It is evident that love is put into every aspect of the place with beautiful decor and an incredible menu to match. I’m aware that a lot of Vegans are reluctant to eat in restaurants that serve meat, however I personally believe that it’s so important to suppoort local and show that there is an increasing demand for vegan options.

Everyday casual menu:

As mentioned, Fettle has an omni kitchen (meaning they sell meat and dairy too), which usually leads to one or two vegan options, however I would say the brunch menu is overwhelmingly vegan. If you’re feeling like you need a health kick, the Fettle bowl is an amazing nutrient dense Buddha bowl packed with raw veggies and full-on flavour. I also love the cashew nut cream that comes with the mushrooms on rye and the gnocchi. With any meal from the brunch or lunch menu, add the smoked tofu as an extra, you will NOT be disappointed!!!

Hot & Cold Drinks:

The one thing that always draws me back in to Fettle is their Red Velvet Latte. You can get it iced or hot and either with or without coffee. I recommend it hot with one shot of coffee so you still get the full red velvet flavour, or iced without coffee which is pretty much a tasty milkshake. As always, I recommend oat milk (make sure you specify as they use cow’s milk as standard). I always appreciate latte art as it adds such a nice touch (and obviously makes it taste better). I often also get the local homemade kombucha which comes in a variety of flavours. Something I really like about Fettle is that their house water comes infused with cucumber, (sorry to you cucumber haters, I used to be one too), which is sooooo refreshing.

Fine at Fettle: Vegan Fine Dining:

After many successful visits to fettle for brunch, a couple of friends and I decided to book a table for the fine dining evening. The ‘Fine at Fettle’ menu is served Thursday, Friday and Saturday evenings and booking is necessary/ advised. The standard of food is incredible and I especially enjoyed the dumplings and broth starter. As the menu is Omni, it’s a great option for a special occasion with non-vegan family or friends who may be otherwise reluctant to go out for only vegan food. The menu also has a seasonal rotation to ensure the freshest and highest quality ingredients are used. Although the total of a 3 course meal and drinks is not cheap, I do honestly believe that the prices are appropriate for the quality of food and welcoming service delivered.

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