Temple Coffee is an independent coffee and donut shop located in Kirkstall, Leeds. Their colourful drinks and sparkly donuts are popular online for their unique look and also the fact that the donuts are now completely vegan! The donuts were initially a mix of vegan and non-vegan, but after the huge demand for the vegan options, the cafe opted to go entirely vegan (minus the option for dairy milk in drinks). The donuts on sale vary each day and include vastly different flavours from cinnamon sugar, to cookies and cream, to rose lemonade! Over the past year I have visited many times, but my favourite was definitely the lavender donut!

Despite the amazing donuts, my favourite thing to get at Temple is their iced drinks. The extensive menu of hot drinks is available chilled including the different coffees! My favourite are the Pink Flloyd hot (pictured left) or iced (pictured right) and the iced Purple Haze (middle left).

After collaborating with Northern Bloc earlier this year, Temple now offer ice cream, ice cream donut sandwiches and special ice cream drinks (see middle right for hazelnut and rose ice cream float). These can all be made vegan and are a perfect addition to the menu for summer; I can’t wait to go back and try them all!

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