Wagamama: New Vegan Menu

I and the lovely Georgina were so thrilled to be invited to Wagamama in York to try the new additions to their vegan menu! The night consisted of lots of vegan food and drink, including their infamous Vegatsu and even a new vegan beer!

Starter: mixed mushroom + panko aubergine hirata steamed buns



The evening started off very strong with their new steamed buns! Although Wagamama already had a couple of vegan starters on the menu, the edamame and yasai gyoza, the new steamed buns were an amazing addition. The mushrooms were beautifully seasoned and the soft bun and crispy panko complimented each other beautifully. I really recommend trying these, it was my favourite dish of the evening.


Mains: harusame glass noodle salad / vegatsu

screenshot_20180523-2123581    screenshot_20180523-0008303

The 2 new vegan main additions were a tofu salad and vegan katsu curry. The salad, although cold, was lovely and had an array of fresh flavours from mint to subtle spice. The salad included tofu, kale, edamame and much more! It’s a great lighter option, particularly for the warmer weather in summer. The long-awaited vegatsu has finally launched in every wagamama store, and people no longer have to travel to the noodle lab in order to try it! The seitan is much softer than any other I have tried, which works well will the crispy panko exterior. The portion size of this curry is huge – so would definitely satisfy a hungry belly! The katsu curry sauce is on the spicy side, so if you’re not into that, maybe you’ll have to give it a miss, but the dish was lovely overall.

Dessert: lemongrass + lime sorbet / pink guava + passionfruit sorbet



For dessert, we were presented with 2 unusually flavoured sorbets. The guava and passionfruit flavour was more of a creamy consistency, whereas the lemongrass and lime had more of an icy texture. I personally much preferred the lemongrass and lime flavour as it was super fresh and zingy. It’s great to have the option of a vegan dessert in a chain restaurant!

Drinks: natsu craft beer (passionfruit) / nix and kix mango and ginger / nix and kix cucumber and mint / mio sparkling sake



Throughout the evening we were given an array of vegan drinks to try, the first of these were the nix and kix pick me up drinks. They were both definitely unusually flavoured, which appears to be a theme at Wagamama, but I found them both to be delicious! The cayenne pepper added a detox element to the drinks and they were only 45/50 calories per can.





The next drink we were given was a bottle of ale, and if you’re a fan of beer, I highly recommend trying the passionfruit natsu craft beer, it’s a pale ale with subtle but noticeable fruity flavour!






Lastly, we were given a few samples of their sake to try. I had never had sake, so had no idea what to expect, nevertheless I was thrilled! The mio sake had a beautiful light grape flavour and was not overly carbonated; I will definitely be trying it again!



Overall, the only item we tried that I was not so keen on was the guava ice-cream flavour, but would definitely recommend each of the other new vegan menu items! I can’t wait to go back soon for more of the steamed buns and sake. If you haven’t already, treat yourself to a ‘vegan hero’, seitan vegatsu!

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Thanks for reading!



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