A Vegan in Berlin – Day 4

For our 4th day, and last full day in Berlin, we ate a LOT of food! We wanted to make sure we didn’t miss anywhere out of our trip, so tried to cram it all into the last day. Because of this, this post is a little longer than the others in this series and has a lot more content!

Absolutely no regrets.


For our last full day we went back to Veganz again for a LOT of food! We both basically got 2 breakfasts. I had the Laugenknoten sandwich and Cinnamon bun, and Michael had the Panini and one of their toasted wraps! (All of the sandwiches/ wraps are better toasted!!) Although the cinnamon bun was a little on the dry side, all of the sandwiches were amazing!


After a tour of the Berliner Unterwelten (an underground bunker), we walked to an incredible café and yoga studio called Jivamukti. In the canteen they had an extensive healthy menu including juices and smoothies and also had a fridge full of Jiva jars. Jiva jars are reusable jars full of nutritious foods, from granola to salad to soup! As part of their aim to reduce waste, you pay a deposit for the jars so that you can take them away and either reuse them or get your deposit back! There’s also a point system where you add up points for money off of food or classes! This was my favourite food place by far, not only because of the delicious nutritious food, but also their commitment to ethical living! We had the Deep Purple Detox smoothie, Orange Moon juice and 2 Jiva Jar salads!


Our final evening meal was at Yoyo Foodworld – which we almost missed! Their 100% Vegan fast food menu is the most extensive I’ve ever seen and was way more advanced than vegan fast food in the UK! We had some nuggets as a ‘starter’, then Michael had the Chicken Schnitzel Hawaiian Burger and I had the Gyrospfanne for mains. We had a few cocktails beforehand so this was perfect drunk food!



In the middle of the day we came across a vegan and vegetarian cafe called Katjes/ Grun-Ohr. Katjes is a brand which sells vegetarian sweets in Germany but they sadly contain beeswax. The barista kindly told me that they do in fact have some vegan sweets but it was only the fizzy ones (which I actually prefer). The café had a lot of cakes and other desserts so we chose a chocolate orange cake and strudel!

Food Truck:

Although we’d already eaten a tonne this day and were soon going out for dinner, we couldn’t miss the opportunity to try out some vegan food truck food! It’s almost impossible to come across vegan options in the UK so when we found Holi Cow, we weren’t going to miss the opportunity! The Indian stall had a lot of vegan options but we just went for the veggie samosas.

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Thank for reading!


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