A Vegan in Berlin – Day 3


The best breakfast we had out of all the days had to be Brammibal’s donuts! They have a huge selection of donuts which are all vegan and even had a special charity donut. We opted for strawberry, salted caramel, mojito & nougat! My personal favourite was the mojito one as it had a super sour lime jam in the middle and was unlike any other donut I’ve had! It’s so lovely to walk into a donut shop and be able to choose anything you want because it’s ALL vegan! Brammibal’s is at the top of my list for places you NEED to visit as a vegan in Berlin!


As it was a beautiful day we decided to go to Mauer Park, which was just by our bnb, to sit in the sun. We knew there was a flea market which had food stalls so decided to get lunch from there. Although we were aiming to find a specific burger stall, Sunday burger, we couldn’t find it. Instead, we came across a Vegan Gyros stall called Eat Up, which looked great and it was honestly one of the BEST things I’ve ever eaten; it was so full of colour and flavour! The Flea market runs every Sunday and has tonnes of stalls selling jewellery and clothes as well as lots of food! As we sat in the sun, beer in hand, there were bands playing and a beatboxer drawing in crowds. It was like being at a festival and made for an all-round lovely day.


For dinner we chose Thuy Nga. There are a lot of Vietnamese and Asian restaurants in Berlin, however we chose this particular one as it had a separate vegan menu with homemade seitan and was only down the road from where we were staying! The starters were tofu summer rolls and veggie gyoza, which were slightly bland but came with a really tasty sauce! For mains we had the Shoalin BBQ and the Seitan Curry which were both really tasty too and were hefty portions!

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Thank for reading!



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