A Vegan in Berlin – Day 2

Following my previous post, I’m sharing my second day in Berlin! We had an amazing day exploring the East Side Gallery and museum whilst eating a lot more great vegan food!


We got a tram from our Airbnb towards the East Side Gallery and stopped off at Goodies. Goodies is a vegetarian and vegan cafe chain in Berlin serving breakfasts, cakes, sandwiches and an array of drinks. As a health enthusiast, I found it to be one of my favourite places to eat! We had the Veganer Caesar salad wrap, the Rote Bete falafel wrap, a slice of Belgian chocolate truffle cake and a Ginger Cleanser green smoothie (more like brunch than breakfast – I know)! The atmosphere within the cafe was lovely and the staff were super friendly.


As we had a big breakfast/brunch and spent the whole day exploring, we ended up having a pretty late lunch. We went to The Bowl which was another AMAZING find! They have a range super healthy salad bowls; we chose the Guac starter, then the Rice and Gamba bowl and the Caesar bowl. Both were absolutely amazing so it was hard to choose a favourite! The Rice and Gamba bowl came with crazy looking fake prawns/shrimp and amazingly seasoned broccoli and mushrooms, and the Caesar bowl had an amazing cheezy sauce over rainbow potatoes.


After a few drinks we decided to head back to the bnb without getting dinner as we were super tired after a long day. After being inside for a while we got hungry again (shock) and decided to order from Deliveroo! Even on Deliveroo there were so many vegan options to choose from, but we went with pizza from Pizzare, with potatoes, sausage, mushroom and vegan cheese! Although it was expensive for the size, it was a very good pizza.


As The Bowl is situated above another Veganz store, we went in for something sweet after our meal. It was quite late so most things had sold out, but they still had cookies!!!! I am not exaggerating when I say it was one of the nicest cookies I have ever eaten!

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Thanks for reading!



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