A Vegan in Berlin – Day 1

After reading so much about how great Berlin is for vegans, I had to take a trip and find out for myself; I was definitely not disappointed. There are vegan shops, cafes and restaurants on every street. It’s not only the food in Berlin that’s Vegan friendly, the streets are also covered in Chalktivism and Vegan art! I’m sharing each day of eating through blog posts to share the amazing food I ate there and to hopefully inspire your trip to Berlin. Here’s day 1 of 5!

Warning: This post will make you hungry!




The first place we had food in Berlin was Veganz. Veganz is a chain of 100% Vegan supermarkets situated in Europe, and we were lucky enough to have one just around the corner from our Airbnb. As well as stocking a variety of amazing products, they also have a cafe which serves sandwiches, bakery items, hot drinks and smoothies! We went back to Veganz on most days so we could try out some different stuff. On the first day we had the ‘Glutenfreies Toastie’ (pesto and cheese), and the ‘Pinky & Brains Bagel’ (Smoked tofu, mushroom & beetroot). Although they were both delicious, I highly recommend the bagel – it was so good that we ended up fighting over who got it!




After a long walking tour around the city, we decided to hop on a tram to find lunch. I had seen many instagram posts about Voner and was very keen to go there. Vöner is a 100% Vegan kebab shop a short walk from Ostkreuz Station. They offer mainly a Vegan version of doner kebab, but also have burgers, hot dogs and a specials board. We both opted for the original kebab and a side of cheese fries to share. The cheese sauce on the fries was phenomenal. The fries were part of the specials board, but I hope you get the chance to try them!




As we had a late lunch, we weren’t very hungry by the time dinner came around. Instead of going for a meal, we went for drinks around the local area. On the walk back to the Airbnb we came across a takeaway that had a few vegan options and couldn’t resist going in! The takeaway was Zeder and reminded me of my favourite takeaway in Manchester, Go Falafel! They served lebanese food and although not an entirely Vegan restaurant, they had 3 Vegan wrap options. I had the ‘Batatas haras’, which was a spicy potato wrap.

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Thanks for reading!


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