Where to grab lunch this Veganuary

In the spirit of Veganuary, I decided to put together a list of my favourite vegan eateries across (mostly) northern England. These restaurants are in Leeds, Manchester, Birmingham and Sheffield. Although there are many other restaurants outside of these cities, I am yet to venture further out (especially to London)! I am writing specifically about places to grab quick and affordable lunches that are pretty much all available as takeaway. Though not all unhealthy, I would consider them all ‘fast food’, which are convenient options for lunch if you are taking part in Veganuary! Apart from 1, all of these eateries are completely vegetarian and most pride themselves in being 100% Vegan! All photos used in this post are from my Instagram, @_veggievibes, and I have added the instagram accounts of each restaurant too.


Vegetarian @notdogsuk (Birmingham)

Recently celebrating its 1st birthday, Not Dogs in the Bullring, Birmingham have a wide selection of vegetarian hot dogs with various toppings! Although a couple of the options contain cheese, most can be made vegan all the same! The only thing i would change is that they supply vegan cream for the shakes!


100% Vegan @fresshfood (Birmingham)

Another great place to visit if you’re in Birmingham is Fressh. It’s only a short walk from the station and they have a selection of healthier foods too! I didn’t get to try their mac ‘n’ cheese, but their cookies are delicious.


100% Vegan @gofalafel (Manchester)

Go Falafel is definitely my most visited food place in Manchester! They have amazing falafel wraps and salads and also a selection of juices and smoothies. It is so convenient but also HUGE on flavour. They now have branches in Rusholme, Picadilly and Deansgate! If they repost one of your photos on instagram they also offer you a free juice to claim at your next visit!


100% Vegan @vrevmcr (Manchester)

V Rev is an absolute vegan heaven for junk food lovers! In 2016 they moved from a small cafe space to a beautifully decorated restaurant. Everything in V Rev is vegan, from the bathroom soap to the environmentally friendly straws. They even have machines in their ‘all gender’ toilets that contain vegan condoms and tampons, incredible!


100% Vegan (Manchester)

Trying to order a takeaway can be a hassle when you’re vegan, especially when it comes to trying to order vegan pizza. Luckily, if you’re a student living in Fallowfield, you can have vegan pizza and garlic bread delivered to you! I first tried Garden of Vegan in my 2nd year of university. I’ve never been a huge pizza fan, but recently I tried it again and their recipe has improved hugely! There’s tonnes more flavour and their chipotle and garlic mayo are so good!


100% Vegan @the.burger.garden (Sheffield)

Another junk food restaurant I have to mention is The Burger Garden in Sheffield! They have the most incredible milkshakes I have ever tried and also a huge selection of vegan meals, from burgers to pies! As Sheffield is out of the way for me, it’s been almost a year since I visited, but I highly recommend you try it out if given the chance! They are also next door to a great vegan cake shop, Steel City Cakes (@steelcitycakes).


100% Vegan @humpithummus (Leeds & Sheffield)

There aren’t enough words to describe how much I love Humpit. They only have a small menu, but believe me when I tell you that they really don’t need anything else! I am always craving the Humpit pitta. They use a tasty mix of pickles and sauce with their hummus and falafel that makes it tastes INCREDIBLE! I urge you to try it if you are ever in Leeds or Sheffield!


Vegetarian @rootsandfruitsleeds (Leeds)

Roots & Fruits is a small cafe in the Grand Arcade, Leeds. They offer wholesome home-cooked style foods and have a different selection of cakes each day. They have a a variety of vegan options but I almost always opt for the nachos! Their vegan cheese sauce is dreamy and their coconut ‘sour cream’ is so unique!


Omni @banhandmee  (Leeds)

Hidden away in Leeds Kirkgate market is the wonderful Vietnamese street kitchen, Banh and Mee. I was introduced Banh and Mee by my friend Hatim (@hatimjeewajee), pictured on the right. Their vegan loaded fries are amazing! As it is not an entirely vegan kitchen, you should be sure to let your server know that you want their vegan options. With some of the friendliest staff I have ever encountered, this should be a breeze!


100% Vegan (pop-up stalls @ festivals)

Last but not least, though it is not as easily accesible as they don’t have a shop, I couldn’t write this post without mention Gilles. When I hear of a vegan festival up north, I instantly get excited over the fact I can finally eat from Gilles again! Gilles is a Chinese stall at most vegan festivals, which specialise in Mock meats! Photographed here is both the sweet ‘n’ sour mock meat and the mock duck. Although I am not a huge fan of fake meats, I have always loved Chinese food and can happily say that Gilles make the best mock meat I have ever tried!

Let me know in the comments if you think i missed somewhere worth mentioning!

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Thanks for reading!

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